Five-Year Strategic Plan 2002 – 2006

Five-Year Strategic PlanThe cancer survivor’s experience of being alive today can be profoundly changed by the services offered by People Living Through Cancer.

For almost two decades, PLTC has filled a unique and essential role in New Mexico by providing critical cancer care services. Annually, PLTC’s staff and hundreds of dedicated volunteers continue to provide strength and support to more than 1,500 families facing cancer.

All of PLTC’s programs are designed to help people face the challenges of cancer, make informed choices, promote a higher quality of life, and ensure that no one has to live through cancer alone. PLTC serves cancer survivors, their families, and others who care about them with:

• eleven skillfully led peer support groups in Albuquerque and surrounding areas
• expert training for support volunteers and group facilitators, of which PLTC is the only national trainer for Native Americans
• peer support contact persons statewide
• one-to-one matching of people with others who have faced similar situations
• Telephone Lifeline, a toll-free number offering compassion, support, information, and referral
• People Living Through Cancer, an informative quarterly journal
• New Mexico’s largest lending library of cancer-related materials for health-care consumers
• an annual statewide cancer survivorship conference
• workshops, seminars, and presentations on topics such as current scientific information, innovative treatment, and coping skills
• statewide outreach and education to individuals, organizations and other health-care providers, including American Indians, Hispanics, African Americans, those living in rural areas, and other underserved populations
• New Mexico Leadership Council, a forum for leaders of peer support programs throughout the state to exchange ideas and provide input for the state government’s New Mexico Cancer Plan
• Native American Leadership Council, a national forum for leaders of cancer peer support in American Indian and Alaska Native communities

To provide culturally competent programs, PLTC hires and recruits volunteers and staff who speak Spanish. The organization also maintains an active relationship with local American Indian populations and the Indian Health Service to foster relationships, to distribute literature,and to reach and train peer support volunteers.

For more information, contact PLTC at: 505-242-3263
or, outside the Albuquerque area, dial 1-888-441-4439

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