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People Living Through Cancer
People Living Through Cancer

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Together We Walk the Path . . .
People Living Through Cancer is a growing community of those who understand the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual repercussions of cancer. In short, we’ve been there and we exist so that no one will have to go through cancer alone. Our programs are designed to help people face the challenges of cancer and improve the quality of our lives. Our members are cancer survivors, their families, friends, healthcare professionals, community leaders, and volunteers who support survivorship. A cancer survivor is anyone who has ever received a diagnosis of cancer. Survivorship acknowledges the potential for quality living after a diagnosis.
Emotional Support
PLTC sponsors many types of peer support groups. More than a dozen different support groups provide a safe, non-judgmental fellowship to share feelings and to obtain and provide information and emotional support: reassurance, encouragement, and hope. We have groups for survivors, family members and friends; groups for men, women, breast cancer survivors, ovarian cancer survivors, and for those interested in integrative medicine. New groups are formed as needed. Twice a year, PLTC offers a peer support group facilitator training for New Mexicans, and nationally for Native Americans.
Some individuals are more comfortable with One to One emotional support as an alternative to a group. The People Living Through Cancer staff will arrange matches with volunteers who have had similar cancer experiences. The volunteers provide information and emotional support, often over the telephone or by e-mail. This service is free and available statewide.
PLTC’s Lending Library has New Mexico’s largest collection of cancer-related materials for healthcare consumers. Books, tapes, and videotapes. DVD’s include information on living well after a cancer diagnosis, family issues, exercise, nutrition, personal narratives, loss, grief, spirituality, coping, and more. Throughout the year, workshops are offered to cover many of these same topics.

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